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 ASA24 Researcher Site Privacy Statement

ASA24 Researcher Site Privacy Statement

General Information

We respect the privacy of users of the ASA24 Researcher Web site. Personal information about researchers will not be disclosed, given, sold, or transferred unless required to do so by law.

Limited information about the use of the web site is collected automatically, primarily for monitoring the software's performance and usage patterns. This information is helpful when troubleshooting bugs and considering future updates and improvements. The following information about users of ASA24 is collected and stored automatically:

  • the date and time each visitor accesses the Web site;
  • the type of browser and operating system each visitor uses;
  • the computer screen resolution; and
  • the Silverlight plug-in verison installed. Silverlight is a free Microsoft program called a plug-in that allows you to experience a web site's full set of features such as animation. You may already be familiar with a similiar plug-in called Flash from Adobe.

When a user visits any web site, the web site's server generates a piece of information known as a "cookie" and places it on the user's computer. There are two types of cookies, "persistent" and "session". The ASA24 Web sites use session cookies to facilitate seamless navigation through the web site. This type of cookie does not permanently collect or store personal information about the user or information about a session - such data is automatically destroyed shortly after the browser is closed.

To protect your privacy, close your browser completely after you have finished using the Web site.

If you have any questions about the ASA24 Privacy Policy, please contact the ASA24 Team.

Send an Email to the ASA24 Web site Administrator.